We want to believe that the life we’re living is meant to be all about pain.

    Pain inflicts a discomfort like no other. And when you experience a great deal of it, it’s easy to believe that “this is the way it’s supposed to be.”

    Everyone also has their own tolerance for pain. We also have our own unique ways of handling pain. I chose the word handle for a reason too. Dealing with pain gives the notion that one needs to stand still in the pain. Handling pain, to me is just that… what am I going to do now that the pain has created just enough discomfort that I am now taking notice.

    Don’t be fooled. Others know when we are in pain. We become a royal pain in the ass, we get quiet,  we get clingy, we don’t smile as much, we overeat, we stop eating, we stop moving forward in some parts of our lives and come to a complete stand still in others. Looking, staring, and sometimes crying about the pain, we become stagnant.

    Well here’s the wake up call good people…YOU have to do something about it!

    Pain is a wonderful blessing! It’s the indicator, the barometer of something gone awry, astray, and eventually, something that needs to move or GET MOVED! We can ignore the pain by putting it on the back burner, until we have time or the strength to do something about it. When it comes to our health, this can prove devastating as we could literally loose our lives based on our refusal to address pain.

    “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional!” ~ Bruce Schneider ~

    What happens next for us individually will go down in the history of our lives as a testament of “how I got over” and “how I got through.” Do something… anything to address it. Start out by confessing it, addressing it, overcoming it, learning from it, and then forgetting it. Forgive yourself for holding onto it.



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  1. Rhonda Young says:

    This is good!! A GREAT reminder about pain, and it’s usefulness. I’m also reminded of my Mother’s wisdom, in that agitation creates a pearl. So, while it’s difficult, there’s beauty and valuable gems that get created out of these times. WOW! I will ponder this today!