• Gifts for a Lifetime

    In this season of Lent, Christians across the globe often think of what they can give up. It could be smoking, eating red meat, or cursing.. whatever it is you chose to stop doing, that’s a wonderful thing! It represents something else to commit to changing for the next  6 weeks.

    The thought that jumped into my head this morning was not just what to give up within this Easter season, but what I can give up for a life time. If giving something up for 6 weeks is a good idea, perhaps this “thing” that’s not good for me or others, is better off forgotten. Why not use this time as a spring-board to just stop doing it all together??

    Things that make you same hmm! I’m all in! Procrastination around the things that are really hard (for me), I’m totally done with that! Not for the next 6 weeks, but for the 6 weeks after that and eventually forever.

    What are you doing that’s not serving you at all, that in this season, you can begin the journey of banishing it forever? How much better you can be for yourself and therefore others! What a wonderful gift to give yourself.

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  1. Fredi Baker says:

    Great post Tamarra – thanks! I am feeling inspired to find something I can truly commit to letting go of…

  2. I decided this year, for the first time in many years, to give something up for Lent. Your post has me thinking – Maybe I will give it up forever! Thought provoking, thank you.