• Every good thing… comes to an end!

    Do you feel it?

    There’s a desperation in the air as we all start to realize that August is here! Lord, where did the summer go?

    We all start to plan for the last family outing before school starts. Many of the back to school sales have hit most retail outlets. Many have put summer outfits on clearance as they are making way for the Fall season.

    New beginnings are in the air for so many of us.

    bike_sunsetNew sleep patterns for the children (I hated that part… but so necessary)

    New clothes for everyone as we discover what fits and doesn’t fit (YUCK… some of us don’t even want to go there!)

    Although it’s a somber time for some, August has always been that month when I look back so that I can take big steps forward in the remaining months in the year which will give me the added UMPH that I need going into the new year. I don’t wait until December to figure out where I want to go and start planning…. I’ve historically done all the thinking and strategizing in August while I feel “no pressure” as I have 4 more months o(or less) to begin those next steps to a fulfilling life.

    Are you feeling stuck in your life’s journey and need time to reconsider, re-calibrate, and reset?

    Are your career choices not panning out or changing before you,, and you have no real plan on how to respond?

    Is stuff happening TO YOU and it’s time for you to TAKE the wheel?

    Get a jump-start on the last few months of the year! Schedule your complimentary 30 minute Dare2DoItNow Discovery Session with me. You may discover your answers are just around the corner!

    In peace and love,


    Your Dare2DoItNow Coach