• Who do you say you are?

    Cat-Lion-MirrorI am strong

    I am beautiful

    I am healthy

    I am fearless

    I am determined

    I am a queen/king

    I am who I say I am!

    When you affirm yourself you are preparing yourself for battle (of sorts). You are working more positivity into your life to stand up against who you think you are not. Take the time to affirm yourself today.

    You may be saying to yourself, “I don’t know how to affirm myself!” If that’s the case, get a pack of index cards or pull out a piece of paper. I like index cards as they are a little sturdier than paper and are easily portable.  On each card or on each line, start your sentence with I AM and then write a positive attribute (similar to what you see above).

    Having a tough time? Think of someone who cares about you. What would he or she say? That should get you started. The more you write, the more you will write about who you are.

    Do you believe what you’ve written on each card? Doesn’t matter… write it and read it to yourself every day. Read it until you can almost memorize what you’ve written. LOOK at the cards and read them out loud. Look in the mirror, look at each card, and say them out loud.. DAILY! Carry them with you if you wish. They are there to help you to stay motivated and to stand strong in the tough times and to celebrate when it’s all good! In time you will be more of what you see!

    Do you dare to affirm yourself today?



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  1. Deborah Matthews says:

    Great Post!!!