• Where is YOUR voice?

    I really cou343b6f187ee2d04f87dfbb14f44c4cbbld have used these words as a young girl growing up. Although life wasn’t as complicated as it is now for our young people, a 12 year old is a 12 year old. Wanting to fit in but not so much. Needing reassurance and not knowing where exactly to get it. Changing and molding to the dictates of what you think is cool. Twelve year-olds mature into adults, however the thoughts about who you are and how you fit in sometimes don’t keep up with you.

    What I’ve learned and I hope that you have too, is that…

    GIVING to others without taking all you need for yourself FIRST, is like drinking what’s left of the juice at the bottom of a carton. No matter how much you tilt the carton, there’s nothing left! Those that you give to will then move on to someone/something else and there you are with nothing left for you! FILL yourself up and GIVE from your OVERFLOW. Can I get a AMEN?

    True love isn’t painful (mentally or physically), so love yourself so much that you will only accept and expect one that gives UNCONDITIONALLY! Fall in love with you so that you know what LOVE looks like!

    Trust yourself first ALWAYS, even when it doesn’t make any damn sense! Your instinct / first voice knows what’s best. Know that you are perfectly imperfect and when you choose for yourself, the only person you need to deal with is you.

    Listening it super-critical in every relationship (personal or professional) however your OPINION COUNTS. Speak your truth even if / when you know that others will not agree. It’s OK… It’s YOUR truth. You’d be surprised how many other people feel the same way and were waiting for someone else to say it first.


    If you’re encouraged today and are committed to using your voice for your own good, please respond to this post with “I matter!”