• Want freedom once & for all?

    letting goA few months ago, I walked away from an outstanding career with a very large firm where I was able to live out every professional fantasy I could have every imagined. I was an extremely quiet, very shy little girl from Camden New Jersey, who grew into a beautifully flawed woman who wants “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” for herself and others.

    One of the lessons I learned along the way was that holding onto anger didn’t really serve me. Yes, it may “feel good” to hate on a person or organization when you feel you’ve been “done wrong”. Being a victim / victim mentality does work for a little while. It enables you to grab some serious get up and go when you’d otherwise find yourself stuck. It’s not a way of living though. To be honest, it’s not living at all!

    It took some time but when I now am able to clearly see the situation from another view-point, another angle, another perspective, I can only be thankful and grateful for all the wonderfully awesome things that have come about in my life BECAUSE of the experience, not in SPITE of it.

    Here’s my short list:

    • I am stronger than I ever thought I was
    • I matter
    • I am comfortable in my own skin (finally)!
    • I am courageous
    • I am a change maker
    • I make a difference for myself and others
    • I am a child of God
    • I am confident
    • I am blessed to be able to share my voice
    • I am strong
    • I am a sister-friend
    • I am a connector
    • I am a business owner
    • I am an inspiration
    • I am in relationship with my community
    • I am growing

    All because I made a choice to let go…

    Will you choose to let go of your anger and latch on to life?