• Time is on my side… YES IT IS!

    Well, newsflash… IT’S NOT!

    IT’s NOT – when your life is moving at warp speed, and you’re feeling left behindhttp://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photo-3d-time-now-calender-image29136930

    IT’S NOT –  when you’ve been pondering, scheming, dreaming and waiting for the perfect time to start thinking about starting…

    IT’S NOT – when you’re miserable swallowing that pill of unhappiness – going to that 9-5 every day and not wanting to be there. Sure you’re trained to do the work and you may have loved it at one time. Just not right now.

    It’s painful… and IT’S JUST NOT!

    My husband often says to me “time is running out Tamarra!” And you know what, he’s right in a sense. We’re working on borrowed time every day we are blessed to wake up and have another opportunity to get things done in the world. We get very comfortable in not moving forward because we know how to do that. It’s the thought of doing something different (therefore pushing us into the unknown) that keeps us standing in that stagnant place.

    Truth time about me? You all have no idea the trauma and drama that publishing my first blog post caused in my household 4 years ago. I was a complete wreck! Snottin’ and crying, checking and double-checking grammar and spelling, my finger lingered over the publish button off and on over a 24-hour period. I didn’t get a good night’s sleep the night before which meant I was more of a mess the next day.. I did it though (whew).. By the grace of God, I did it! Got no responses or comments, but I did it!

    Do you want change in your life? Try this.  Take a chance on yourself and do something… anything…. different. Doesn’t matter how large or small, as long as it’s different, you will be glad you did! The time is NOW! If you are focused on losing weight, go buy a new pair of supportive footwear. The clothes don’t matter but your sneakers do. It you want to be a better parent, ask a parent that you admire about what they do TODAY.  Get the support you need from a coach to help keep you honest, challenged, and affirmed along the way.

    Take the time to do it RIGHT NOW!

    Talk to me good people! Let me what you intend to do TODAY!

    Let me know how I can help you!