The Truth about Confidence

“If you have no confidence in self, you have twice defeated the race of life. With confidence you have succeeded even before you have begun” ~ Marcus Garvey ~ Quite the concept, huh? With confidence, you’ve already done what you’ve set out to do. Imagine what happens when you add action along with confidence…. MORE, […]

Viola wins.. You can too

Viola Davis’ win last night at the Emmy Awards was one for the ages! She became the first African American woman to win Best Actress in a Drama category. As a woman of color I was simply ecstatic and very proud. There are so many lessons we can learn from others in their journey. The first […]

Who is to blame?

I was in a relationship a long time ago. It was long and drawn out, seemingly going nowhere time in my life. In fact I felt like I was going nowhere along with the relationship. I was standing still while the entire world was moving, at least going somewhere! I knew for a long while […]