Feel the FEAR… Do it Anyway!

Fears have a way of keeping us playing small, making us believe that there’s not much to who we are and what we can be, if we just believed it was even possible. Start today with an intention to not believe the negative things we tell ourselves, and only leaning into the possibilities of what […]

Want to live life to the fullest? Storm chasers need only apply!

The end result of a goal reached, an intention achieved, a life-long plan coming into existence is a great accomplishment. Some are celebrated formally (graduation, weddings, funerals, etc) while some are personal (# of days sober, # of days eating healthy, or # of days of positive self-talk). No matter what you’re looking to accomplish, once […]

Who do you say you are?

I am strong I am beautiful I am healthy I am fearless I am determined I am a queen/king I am who I say I am! When you affirm yourself you are preparing yourself for battle (of sorts). You are working more positivity into your life to stand up against who you think you are […]

Let it go!

Today’s inspiration! We often wonder why we still feel a certain way even though we’ve done quite a bit of work to improve our lives… when in actuality, we are still holding on. We hold onto: memories what she/he said what you thought was true habits that harm (ourselves and others) bad attitudes. you name it… […]

Formula for greatness

“I am the greatest of all time” ~ Muhammad Ali Many of us have memories of either watching live or recorded footage of the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time. The incomparable Muhammad Ali. Notwithstanding the climate of the US when Ali made these statements, all I can do it stand in awe of his […]

Don’t Wait

Over the last few days, I’ve experienced deep loss through friends who are now family and family I can call friends. Sports icons and celebrities alike… when you have a connection to someone… it’s just that a connection. When I found out about the latest person last night, my heart was just bleeding for this […]

The Super Bowl called your life: Commercial for a Cause… One Love!

As many people as there are who enjoy the game of football, there are many of us who can’t wait for the commercials that come on  to be entertained. Certainly there seems to be more during Super Bowl Sunday than the regular season but someone’s got to make money and this is the best way […]

Keep it positive!

** Re-posting some of my favorites as a reminder when getting back into the “game” ** Keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive, because your words become your behavior. Keep your behavior positive, because your behaviors become your habits. Keep your habits positive, because your habits become your […]

R – E – L – A – X!

For all you sports enthusiasts out there, quarterback Aaron Rogers of the Green Bay Packers shared this bit of wisdom. For those who need to understand the backstory, here it is. The GreenBay Packers started off this season winning only 1 of their first 3 games. Fans were in an uproar and nervous about their team’s […]

Putting on the gloves and comin’ out fighting!

So NICE that I had to post this again today. Keep your heads up, stay in the game, keep your eyes focused on what’s to come! It’s been a challenging couple of months and I’m telling you… I wanted to give up, throw in the towel, throw my pity party – you can come, but […]