• R – E – L – A – X!

    For all you sports enthusiasts out there, quarterback Aaron Rogers of the Green Bay Packers shared this bit of wisdom. For those who need to understand the backstory, here it is. The GreenBay Packers started off this season winning only 1 of their first 3 games. Fans were in an uproar and nervous about their team’s performance, their record, their legacy of winning.

    And what did the leader of the team do??? He told everyone to just relax!

    So what happened next, the team must have taken his advice and here they are on a winning more than they are losing and looking at being in the playoffs.

    So, what’s the lesson here? When you’re all twisted up and caught up in the “game of life”, feeling like you’re not getting anywhere nor doing anything to get to your desired destination. Don’t flail around, expending energies in things that aren’t productive. Don’t sit and pout, kick the proverbial dirt on the floor, crossing your arms, taking your toys and go home.

    Relax Definition Closeup Showing Less StressJust relax… get quiet… reflect on all of your God-given capabilities in figuring out your next move.

    Take one step and then another.

    Stay in the groove that becomes the winning pattern towards accomplishging your goals,

    Just RELAX!

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  1. Rhonda Young says:

    GREAT reminder!!!