• Do something…

    The past three to four months has been spent uncovering, unearthing, and regenerating myself to again explore the opportunities for me to broaden my reach and again focus on who I am and what I offer to the world. What I know to be true is that everything wonderful that has come to me, begins on the heels of action… of actually doing something. That something can be as small as writing one word at the top of the page of my journal, scheduling and connecting with a colleague or friend, commenting or friending someone on LinkedIn or Facebook, or attending a conference of like-minded entrepreneurs to receive and ultimately giving inspiration.

    On Friday, April 26th, I attended NAPW’s 4th Annual National Networking conference entitled SPARK: Ignite your Network. What a wonderful opportunity to connect with a great many women who, like me, are making change happen by putting action behind words. When spoken from the heart, your gift can be shared with an abundance of benefits for all who are inspired to move forward, to being more aware and in tune, and to being truly connected with who they really are!

    And who you are will inevitably be forever changed by who you allow (and dare) yourself to become!

    Well, with that said, I’m back! It’s time for a brand new kinda me! (As Alicia Keys sings about). I ready to do and be one “something” at a time!

    Dr. King once said “”Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” How profound! This quote just made it to my home office wall where it will remind me to put faith and belief in my back pockets as I journey forward to the life I was meant to live.

    What about you? When are you going to put your faith and belief towards doing something?

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  1. Mary says:

    I put faith and belief in God everyday. My problem is believing in myself. I have no idea where I’m going.

  2. Iris says:

    Yay! Welcome back!!! 🙂