Want to live life to the fullest? Storm chasers need only apply!

The end result of a goal reached, an intention achieved, a life-long plan coming into existence is a great accomplishment. Some are celebrated formally (graduation, weddings, funerals, etc) while some are personal (# of days sober, # of days eating healthy, or # of days of positive self-talk). No matter what you’re looking to accomplish, once […]

“Toto, we’re NOT in Kansas anymore”

It’s something to be tossed up in the storms that come in our lives: jobs lost, health scares, literal storm that takes away some or all of our material things.. you name it because you know! You’ve been there. Hell, you ARE there now! Some of us were blind-sided by the storm while some of […]

Reflections of a SuperStorm called Sandy – Part 7

Sunday, November 4, 2012 #PowerAtLast #SoGrateful Being without free-flowing electricity for seven days straight to a person who has only had to endure a brief outage every now and again was life changing. I found myself losing hope because I was “tired” of going out to buy more gas to fuel my generator. In hindsight, […]

Reflections of a SuperStorm called Sandy – Part 5

Thursday, November 1, 2012 I’ve not been out of the house and am feeling very small as working this crisis has exhausted me. When was the last time I did something for myself? When was the last time that I actually spoke to a human face-to-face? I love my dog but she sleeps all day […]

Reflections of a SuperStorm called Sandy – Part 2

Monday, October 29, 2012 So now that we’re in the midst of the storm – in the silence, the loss of power brings, it’s amazing how we choose to spend our time. I’m sitting here writing in my journal by candlelight praying that all will be well. Mother Nature and her fury, playing itself out […]

Reflections of a SuperStorm called Sandy – Part 1

One week ago last year, the NorthEast experienced one of the most impactful storms that we had ever experienced, at least in my lifetime. As we draw nearer to the end of hurricane season and enter into another season of Thanksgiving, I’m reminded of last year’s storm and how it’s indicative to any storm in our lives. […]