• Breathe in Courage

     Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear.
    lion_breathecourageIt’s so funny how many of us, me included, have gotten into the habit of straying away from the things we fear. How did we get to the place of fearing anyhow? Most of the time it’s based on what we’ve seen happen to others, not realizing that if we don’t know the entire story, that we’ve made up bits and pieces and filled in the blanks. Because our imaginations are so powerful, we make up stories about what we imagine, not about what is real.
    If in fate that’s the case, then we really should throw all of what we think we fear out the window and just do it! If we go with the definition of courage that Mark Twain has so elegantly stated, then what do we have to lose?
    Have courage in all that you do, knowing that fear is a part of it.
    Do you dare 2 do what you fear?

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