So completely that you’re happy and content with each passing day and looking forward to the next? Are you ready to transform your life?

Are you tired of watching others achieve their goals and dreams with your help without the energy or support of others to see you through your own desires? You wanted to achieve that goal and even started off well but lost momentum and follow-through along the way. If only you were younger, had more energy, didn’t decide to do this or that. Are you sick and tired of hearing your excuses, reasons and stories about why now isn’t the right time to work on that dream?

Well, the good news about recognizing tendencies and acknowledging patterns within your life, like the ones above is a good thing! They represent how you were at one time in your life. The better news is that those negative patterns don’t define your future success if you don’t want them to. When we chose differently, we get different results! The best news is that it’s my goal and my passion to help you to make success happen one step at a time.

Do U DARE 2:

  • Finally get from under the feelings of inadequacy, shame, and guilt that have left you stagnant and unfulfilled.
  • Break through the fear that you’re not good enough, smart enough, intelligent enough, experienced enough (fill in the blank … enough) to achieve your goals.
  • Live the life that you’re meant to live while honoring others in your life.
  • Break free of meaningless routines and redefine success
  • Have the strength and courage to stand on your promises to yourself first and then to others.
  • Make a difference in your own life and others through work that matters.
  • Have the career or job of your dreams
  • Accomplish victories where in the past you’ve come up empty.

Some people are OK with life as is, and that’s fine for them. But you and I, we want something different!

You’ve got your eyes focused forward, looking out towards the finish line of your life, your future. Don’t look down! Don’t look back! That’s where your past fears live, where your past doubts linger, where the unhealthy patterns live. Your future, your purpose, your goals are in front of you, patiently waiting on you to embrace and achieve them. Take what you want and need for your journey to MAKE IT HAPPEN!


  • DARE U 2 do what you’ve feared you’d never be able to do!
  • DARE U 2 speak the unspeakable!
  • DARE U 2 do the impossible!
  • DARE U 2 be what others say you’re not!
  • DARE U 2 achieve in spite of past failures!
  • DARE U 2 start TODAY, by making the choice to confidently, courageously, urgently, boldly, and authentically LIVE YOUR LIFE with POWERFUL PURPOSE!


LET’S KICK your secret dreams into gear and get you living your life on your own terms. WITH POWERFUL PURPOSE!

Ready to get started? Send an e-mail directly to me at Tamarra@dare2doitnow.comthat includes your name, phone number and any other information you want to share for my COMPLIMENTARY Dare2DoItNOWTM Interview Sessions. We will see if we’re a good fit and decide how I can best serve you. I will contact you to schedule a time that works best for the both of us.